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The objective of my photo gallery www.lun-vision.com is to share pictures I took during live concerts, live performances, art festivals, while traveling or simply at home. 
This gallery is linked to my blog, LunVision's blog and my You tube channel LunVision

All the pictures available for viewing have been taken by Lugdivine UNFER alias LunVision - all copyrights belong to Lugdivine UNFER. 
Please contact me via email for any further information - pictures cannot be reused on other paper nor any digital support without my authorization.
Thank you.

About LunVision 

From 2007 to 2011, I spent lots of time in live music venues to see my favorite artists on stage - music was fully part of my life. 
Then I started being active in photography with a focus on musicians. 
In 2012, I really discovered how fulfilling it is for me to spend time with great artists and support them in my way, with photography. 
In 2014, I started finding my identity and since then I keep enjoying each single moment of music, good energy, experience sharing
 - Peace & Love  

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